HI Design Asia 2017 – Seminar Latest

The HI Design ASIA Seminar Programme is truly world-class and is provided free for all attendees. It’s one of the reasons we sell out earlier every year. We are suitably pleased to confirm that Ed Ng, Co-founder and Principal of AB Concept will be our Keynote Speaker.

A graduate of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with over 25 years experience in luxury hospitality, residential and commercial interior design, Ed has led AB Concept to become one of the world’s leading design studios.

Ed is an active participant in numerous international design forums and, as Vice President of the APHDA at Tsinghua University, a passionate advocate for developing and supporting design talent in China. Ed is a regular blogger for HotelsMag.com.

Experiences Beyond Space

Designing a truly luxurious space goes beyond the style, tone and materials/furnitures used. It’s about the emotion and experience a space generates for its owner and guests – the design goal being to create a space for one to feel, react to and be affected by.

The interactions and experience between human and design can be powerful and impactful, though a multifaceted challenge to realise. Exploring the emotional and experiential sides of real-life design practice, Ed Ng will share anecdotes from the front line with real examples that go beyond the design of space.

If you’d like to know more about HI Design ASIA, please get in touch.