Guy Dittrich

The Seminar Programme will educate, inspire, challenge and entertain. Expertly hosted and moderated by Guy Dittrich, renowned journalist and moderator, four sessions, all pertaining to Hospitality Interior Design are delivered over the two days. They can range from the latest market information from industry analysts, keynote interviews with design gurus, discussions and debates on controversial topics, or thought provoking presentations on something unexpected. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved from the audience, and you may even find yourself being invited to participate! The Seminar Programme is free to attend for all delegates.

Guy Dittrich, Freelance writer, Presenter and Moderator.

Freelance writer, presenter and moderator, Guy Dittrich is an independent commentator on hotels and design. He has been our expert moderator since HI Design began 12 years ago.

Guy's experience as a Hotel Consultant and Journalist make him a natural choice but it's his humour and temperament that put him right at the heart of the HI Design family and that bring the HI Design Seminars to life. Writing for Wallpaper, Conde Nast Traveller, Business Traveller, various UK and European newspapers and travel websites, Guy also contributes expert hotel reviews for our media partner, Sleeper magazine. Born and raised in Zimbabwe and 'always traveling', Guy now calls Brussels home. Prior to his career in writing and moderation Guy was the UK Managing Director for Design Hotels™. Guy also advises hotels on how to market themselves.

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08.30 - 09.30

Spotlight on Asia Pacific - opportunities today and in the future

Damien Little, Horwath HTL, Director, Asia Pacific

Making sense of an area as large and culturally diverse as South East Asia requires a well-tuned ear for picking up the trends and drivers right across the region. Horwath HTL are specialists in global hotel performance data and Damien, who has worked for them for over 16 years, will present the most interesting and outstanding highlights of what has been going on over the last few years. It won’t just be statistics and jargon, rather Damien leverages his significant experience on more than 400 hotel related projects in 17 countries across the region to add some anecdotal flesh to the numerical bones of performance. Using pipeline data from STR we will also get a sneaky glimpse into the future of hotel development and where we can all expect to be working soon!

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14:30 – 15:30

Keynote Seminar - Experiences Beyond Space

Ed Ng, Co-founder and Principal of AB Concept

We are suitably pleased to confirm that Ed Ng, Co-founder and Principal of AB Concept will be our Keynote Speaker this year. A graduate of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with over 25 years experience in luxury hospitality, residential and commercial interior design, Ed has led AB Concept to become one of the world’s leading design studios.

Designing a truly luxurious space goes beyond the style, tone and materials/furnitures used. It’s about the emotion and experience a space generates for its owner and guests - the design goal being to create a space for one to feel, react to and be affected by.

The interactions and experience between human and design can be powerful and impactful, though a multifaceted challenge to realise. Exploring the emotional and experiential sides of real-life design practice, Ed Ng will share anecdotes from the front line with real examples that go beyond the design of space.

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08.30 - 09.30

The Creative Brain - and how to use it

Caroline Williams, Science Journalist

Caroline Williams is a science journalist and editor who is both a regular contributor to and a consultant for New Scientist magazine. She is also the author of Override: My quest to go beyond brain training and take control of my mind (Scribe, 2017). Override came about after Caroline’s many years of reporting on the science of neuroplasticity (the idea that the brain retains an ability to rewire itself throughout our whole lives). No-one seemed to know how to use this information to get the best out of our brains. Determined to find out, Caroline spent over a year travelling around the laboratories of top neuroscientists, offering herself as a guinea pig in scientific studies and challenging scientists to make real-world changes to her perfectly functioning, yet imperfect brain!

As part of this brain-boosting mission, Caroline headed to Lawrence, Kansas, where a team is studying how the brain comes up with creative ideas. Joining in with their experiments she submitted herself to be brain-scanned and then stimulated with pulses of electricity in a bid to see if it helped the ideas to flow. What she found may come as a relief: you don’t need to be scanned or zapped to get into the creative zone. You just need to know how to get into the right state of mind to let creativity flourish. In this talk, Caroline Williams explains what happens in our brains when we combine existing ideas to create something entirely new. She will also share some research-based tips from her journey on how to make it happen more often. Finally, she will give us a glimpse of the future and how technology may provide shortcuts to moments of creative insight. No zapping required.

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13.05 - 14.05


This session looks at the increasing crossover of design between interiors and exteriors. Looking beyond the blurring of functionality between indoor and outdoor spaces in resorts, our experts from both design and operational backgrounds will cover the impact at the urban level. The ways in which the revenue potential of roof spaces, terraces and balconies can be maximised. To say nothing of hotel gardens and internal green walls that resonate with the growing influence of local sustainability and awareness of the benefits of biophilic design.


Su Seam Teo, Partner, LTW Designworks Pte Ltd

SHANNON KIM, Corporate Director of Technical Services, Plateno Group, Lifestyle Lab

Greg Farrell, Executive Director, Aedas

Adrian Battisby. Associate Director, LW Interiors Hong Kong