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Supplier Costs:

The costs to attend HI Design ASIA as a Supplier are listed below. Once you arrive at the hotel, everything is covered. There are no hidden costs at HI Design.

  • One Delegate£6450 for one delegate 12 MEETINGS GUARANTEED
  • Two Delegates£8950 for two delegates 16 MEETINGS GUARANTEED
  • Three Delegates£11450 for three delegates 20 MEETINGS GUARANTEED
  • Advert£250 for a full page colour ad IN THE EVENT PRINTED DIRECTORY

Register as a Supplier

Buyer Costs:

HI Design ASIA is free for all qualifying buyer delegates to attend. The only thing you have to pay for is your flight. To qualify as a ‘buyer’ you must have direct responsibility for specifying suppliers for confirmed hospitality projects throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Buyer TicketIts free!

How do I qualify as a Buyer?

To qualify as a Buyer Delegate simply fill out our online registration form and questionnaire in as much detail as possible. We will use this information to qualify your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

Register as a Buyer

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What is included?

  • Personalised Meetings schedule
  • Seminar programme (including access to downloadable presentations)
  • Supplier Showcase
  • Networking functions
  • Delegate directory (including a downloadable version)
  • 3 nights 5 Star accommodation
  • All organized event meals
Supplier Showcase