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Hotel Project Regional Profile: China

500+ Projects in China's Pipeline 16th February 2017

It’s a common thing to see: a new or established hotel chain or brand is expanding, and the bulk of its projects are located in the Asia Pacific region, specifically within the borders of China. In fact, by nearly any metric China is among the fastest growing countries by the standards of the global hospitality industry, and if recent information is to be believe, that trend will likely not reverse any time soon.

In fact, according to information from TOPHOTELPROJECTS comprehensive global database, there are presently 500 hotel development projects underway within China right now. Of that group, the most projects are within the metropolitan areas of Hong Kong and Shanghai, with 50 taking place within or near to Hong Kong and 85 within or near to Shanghai. The rest of the 500 developing projects are somewhat evenly spread throughout the country, with no more than two dozen landing in any one specific market. In fact, the next fastest developing market in the country was Beijing, where there are presently 30 hotel construction or renovation projects underway.

The projects underway run the gamut, in terms of size, with the smallest facility clocking in at 24 rooms, and the largest ranking at a sizeable 1,500, although the larger hotel is somewhat of an outlier. That hotel, the Pacific Dream Plaza Hotel, will be located in the city of Qingdao, which is itself located in the state of Shandong. What makes it an outlier is that of the 500 hotel construction or renovation projects currently underway in China, only two others have more than 1,000 rooms, those being Atlantis Sanya Hainan with 1,300 rooms in Sanya, and NH Haikou Meilan International Airport Hotel, which will have 1,001 rooms and it will be located in the city of Haikou, which is located in the state of Hainan. Of the three, NH Haikou Meilan International Airport Hotel is closest to opening, with a designation that puts it in the pre-opening phase of construction.

Smaller hotels are a bit more prevalent, with 6 under construction projects clocking in with less than 50 rooms. Many of these hotels are located in less heralded cities. These properties include Aman Resort Fuzhou, Urbn Boutique Wuhan, Banyan Tree Leishan, Maison Albar Fuzhou, Ahn Luh Yanqi Beijing, and Maison Albar Guiyang.

So then, with all that in mind, is China the fastest and most prolifically growing hotel market in the country? Quite possibly, although the United Arab Emirates, which is home to Dubai, could make a case as well. China, for sheer size and space reasons alone, however, likely comes out on top.

Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting projects that are currently underway in China:

Aman Resort Fuzhou (Top image)

Approximately 800 kilometres southwest of Shanghai, the resort incorporates a decade-long restorative project working to disassemble, relocate and restore more than 30 villages, 50 Ming and Qing dynasty houses, and 10,000 ancient camphor trees in the mountainous region of eastern China. Set on 40 hectares filled with rescued millenarian trees and ornamental lakes, contemporary structures were built alongside the reassembled ancient houses to create the resort, which features an Aman Spa with two pools; six dining venues; and Nan Shu Fang, a serene garden and meditation space. The resort’s newly-built suites and villas will complement restored antique villas, complete with contemporary interiors and private pools. The architecture embodies traditional Chinese culture, with a blend of old and new, and was led by Australian  architect Kerry Hill who specialises in hotel design in Asia.

Banyan Tree Leishan (Bottom image)

The whole resort includes Banyan Tree Leishan, Angsana Leishan and Dhawa Leishan. This is a resort which could have the whole view of “Xijiang Thousand Households Miao Village”.

Ahn Luh Yanqi Beijing

Ahn Luh Yanqi Beijing is located at the foot of Yanshan Mountains, Hairou District, northeast of Beijing and about 37 miles (60 km) from Beijing City Centre. The Yanqi Lake scenic area is one of the most popular vacation areas of Beijing and is also the location of the last APEC 2014 Congress. Ahn Luh Yanqi is scheduled to open in Autumn 2017.

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