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1900+ hotel projects in Asia

Meet the people behind them 13th December 2016

137 of Asia’s top hotel project specifiers came to HI Design ASIA last month. These are the project people that are normally impossible to meet. They had a total of over 1900 new build or refurb’ projects on their books - we counted them. If they don’t have projects, they don’t get invited, it’s as simple as that.

Over 2 days and 3 evenings, the attending suppliers had a chance to meet them all. Covering this number and quality of potential buyers in a few days is simply not possible anywhere else. That’s 137 qualified buyers, representing 81 companies from 17 countries all in one place.

You can read the full review here.

HI Design will deliver the right people on neutral ground with the opportunity to have proper conversations with them all. The rest, frankly, is up to you.

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